Music knows no boundaries. It touches all of humanity, is healing and cathartic in nature, and is a universal form of communication. I’ll never forget the first time that I played the piano with other budding musicians. What a thrill to be a part of such a creative process!

As a child, I looked forward to Sunday dinner at my grandfather’s house. Music from his record player always filled his home – classical, opera, jazz, and big band swing. A few months before my sixth birthday, my father bought a spinet piano for our home. My fascination with the instrument led to the beginning of my classical training. During that time, I also learned to play some blues and boogie from recordings, and I still play a few of those tunes today.

In high school, I continued my studies and performed in several Rock n’ Roll, Rhythm & Blues, and Country Western bands. However, it was not until I joined the US Air Force Band that one of my greatest learning experiences occurred. While travelling extensively throughout the United States, I was able to study as well as play with some excellent musicians. I spent six years accompanying well known vocalists and playing for many dignitaries, including three US presidents.

After being discharged from the service, I continued my education while performing at local venues. During that time, one of my fellow musicians encouraged me to audition for a popular singer which led me to secure a position as a music director. This opportunity provided valuable experience plus international travel.

Today, I still record, perform, compose, arrange and teach. Music is, and has always been, my passion.