I wanted to write to you on behalf of Michael Boggioni. “Michael B” has been my piano teacher for about a year, and came from a recommendation from a semi-professional jazz and blues artist here in Atlanta.

I’m in mid 30s, and have been taking lessons off and on since I was a child, but have “plateaued” for years despite several attempts at lessons. Michael changed that. Piano teachers are meant to inspire you to want to learn and want to play more, as well as taking your musical and technical ability to a higher level. That’s exactly what he’s been able to do. I’ve never enjoyed piano so much in my life, and have finally started to break through the “plateau” that has plagued me for so long.

As I recently wrote in one of my AJC.com articles (see #7 on this link), “Michael may be one of the best piano teachers on the planet” (for both children and adults). He is wonderful to work with, and I’m sure he would be of remarkable value to any music school or program that is lucky enough to find him.


Wes Moss

July 27, 2013

We have had the pleasure of knowing ‘Mike B.’ since December 2010. He has been our girls’ piano teacher since that time. They have both thrived under his careful and considerate instruction.

Besides being a wonderful teacher and talented composer and pianist, Mike displays such qualities as being a caring, thoughtful, and encouraging individual. He loves music – it sings in his soul! He endeavors to bring that out in others and has a very kind, instructive manner.

Having him on your staff would be a great asset to all. He is a positive individual who is entertaining, creative and funny. Mike also likes to make music fun. I will say that he has definitely succeeded in this regard.

Thank you for considering this worthy individual as a part of your school family. He would be a wonderful asset to many.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Dru Fadus

I am not your typical piano student; at 50 I decided it was time to learn the piano. Understandably, I was anxious about embarking on this new chapter. Michael immediately put me at ease. His style of teaching is not intimidating. It is important to him that I enjoy the process as well as learn proper technique. He works with me at my pace while motivating me to expand my knowledge. He is as gifted a teacher as he is a musician. I would recommend Michael Boggioni to anyone who is serious about learning to play the piano.

Kelley Long

September 4, 2015

To whom it may concern,

I am writing on behalf of Michael Boggioni, my piano teacher since May 1, 2015. I met Michael B. at the Atlanta airport where he was performing. We immediately struck up a friendship and made plans to meet over dinner to discuss music and Jazz in particular. After our next meeting over dinner I was so energized by Michael B. I asked if he would consider giving me piano lessons. I had not taken piano lessons since my University days at State University of New York at Albany where I was a piano / composition major (1975-1978). I had kept playing on an occasional basis for my own satisfaction but no formal lessons for almost 40 years.

Michael has re-awakened my excitement for music in general, Jazz and Blues music specifically and the desire to improve my ability to play music on the piano. Michael provides the right amount of discipline, technique, guidance, musical inspiration, knowledge of artists and music styles, all in wonderful balance. Since starting lessons with Michael just four months ago I am inspired to practice between 1 and two hours per day, every day, mostly without fail. My physical dexterity has returned back to a level I had not experienced for 40 years. My sight-reading ability has improved greatly as Michael has pushed me to keep digesting new material every month. This material ranges from the classical repertoire, the great American Song Book, Modern Jazz & Blues pieces to current popular artists.

Michael has also motivated me to listen at least as much as I practice. We also share listening lists, news about artists, concerts attended and other related music experiences on a weekly basis.

Michael is a very “holistic” teacher encouraging me to build a broad base from which to explore my world of music from. In the few short months I have returned to piano lessons, thanks to Michael I feel that my decades old love of music has been re-ignited and given new direction and energy.

Thank you Michael B.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Cusick